I've been in love with creating pictures since I was 10 or 11 years old. Today, I'm fortunate to be a commercial photographer and CGI artist during the week and an explorer of the shadows and the highlights on the weekend. In my personal work, I've try not to get bound by a style. This frees me up to be influenced by a lot of different artists and art and then to interpret what is in the viewfinder in the way I see it in my mind. I've explored various mediums over the years, film, Polaroid, and digital. I've combined Polaroid and digital for an interesting effect. But, in the last few years I've gone back to where I started and shot almost exclusively in black and white. I carry a camera that only shoots black and white, which gives me the freedom to concentrate on light, contrast and composition. This site is a sample of some recent work and projects. If there is any one common denominator to this body of work, it's that I am fascinated with the details.      
—Mike James, 2015

This is the personal work of San Francisco Bay Area commercial photographer Mike James. MIke is the principal of Thomas Burke & Others (TB&O)—A studio specializing in Product Photography, CGI, Animation and Retouching.